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About Frame Changers, LLC

Whether your organization uses internal measures, external measures established by industry/regulators, or a combination of those, positive change requires managing every possible element of the journey through your facilities… on every visit… at every engagement.

Beyond waiting room esthetics and efficient processes, the central element of every patient health care experience rests in a human interaction… or at least human-focused approaches rather than simply administrative.

Frame Changers concentrates on helping build a revitalized focus, and even passion, across your provider, administrative and support teams to assure every effort gets made to maximize the opportunity in even the smallest patient interaction. More focus on positive patent experience from every employee means improved patent perceptions of the overall healthcare journey.

Who Frames the Change?

As a senior leader in your organization, no better time exists to move forward with enhancements to provider and staff development aimed at improving patient engagement. Not just improved care, but enhanced experience and relationships at the individual level.

You know the importance of satisfaction measures to the bottom line. Now you can do more than offer supportive memos and internal motivation speeches.

Take the pulse of your team, establish a baseline and decide how you need patient experience to change. Then, Frame Changers works with you to establish both a target perspective on patient contact, and development of a program to begin moving every member of the organization toward that perception.

Change takes motivation and support from senior management, plus tools and incentives to learn and practice new behaviors and confidence in patient settings. Frame Changers help build both – always focused on improving the patient experience metrics that matter to your firm’s strategic and operational objectives.

Meet our Experts

Dr. MIke Porter

Dr. Mike Porter, Co-Founder


paul omodt

Paul G. Omodt, Co-Founder